Dubai having the most beautiful sunsets, infrastructure, sunsets etc but even after having all of these the desert safari is what draws visitors there. Ever wondered why? Before we talk about that, let’s find out what is desert safari first.


It is an incredibly old adventurous activity that has been around for centuries. 


You can surely enjoy at the Dubai Desert Safari as they present you several different ways of having fun. Bike Lover? They’ve got Quad biking for you. Food lover? They’ve got mouth-watering food for you. Henna painting lover? Yes, you guessed it right; they’ve got henna painting for you! Some of more way how u can enjoy desert safari Dubai:

Mesmerizing Sunsets:

Dubai desert safari sunsets are something unforgettable. Sunsets at desert safari Dubai are one of the most captivating things for the visitors. Remember to capture the sunset in photos!

Night Stay:

 Yes, you read that right. To have a look at the right moment you need to be there at the right time. Having a night stay can help you get the view of aesthetically pleasing view of sunrise.


On top of that, it is also affordable. So, you can bring along your close ones and spend and enjoy the time there with them. Who wants to give up on opportunities like these? 


Since desert safari Dubai is well-known all around the world, the tourists from different countries do visit there as well. You’ll get meet so many tourists from different places from different parts of the world. 


Some of the activities which are enjoyed in the desert safari Dubai are Dune Bashing, Dune Buggy Riding, Quad Biking, Sand Boarding, Camel Riding, Henna Painting etc. If you love bikes, you should definitely try quad biking.


In case you get hungry; we have a solution for that too! Imagine, you being tired after doing all the activities but once you’re done you get to eat barbeque and a buffet from Arabic cuisine. Sounds delicious!


We hope you get to make your trip 2 times more fun by visiting Dubai desert safari!


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